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Boost your libido

In a nutshell, libido is a person’s sex drive. In recent times, it is observed that one in five men experience loss of libido. It is usually linked to the lifestyle led by professional and personal commitments. Professional reasons include longer working hours, unsatisfactory job profiles and deadlines driven lives. Anxiety and exhaustion can eat up your energies and have a drastic effect on your happiness.  While personal reasons include relationship problems and absence of confidence. Other reasons include health care products,  ageing, hormonal problems, mental problems etc.

There are various ways to overcome these problems and enhance the interest you and your partner take in sex.  Here’re a few.

Be positive

Excessive stress at work or otherwise can lead to minimal interest in sex. Longer travel to work, especially in traffic is another factor.  A positive mental attitude helps you keep your stress level low. Additionally, feeling good and being confident helps indulging in the act. Men and women react differently to stress, so communicate with your partner and choose a mutually agreeable time for sex.

Set the right mood

Lighting is the most obvious stimuli for sex. A soft bulb offers the most suitable lighting for sex. Clear your room of clutter like stacks of clothes, books etc.  Freshen up your room. Try some lightly scented candles for subtle and not overpowering settings.

Be ready for intimacy

Do you like coffee? Or chocolate? If you like any of these, then you have a brownie point as these foods are considered aphrodisiacs. They produce positive moods and boost physical endurance. A few people choose wine and other alcoholic drinks. But these could have a depressing effect on or put you to sleep. In rare cases, alcohol impairs sexual performance in men.

Be imaginative

Creating scenarios helps boost sexual desires in people. Be a little creative and add a bit of fun to the act. Costumes or props can help enliven the mood. Secondly, observe and understand the choices of our partner. Choose a hint that ignites the fire between you and your partner.

Talk to a sex therapist

Get in touch with a sex therapist to share your problems. There might be some psychological issues that might affect to your desire towards sex.  In some cases, issues like loss of sexual pleasure can sprout from another condition called depression.  These experts help you relook at this act of intimacy with fun and enjoyment.

Understand the role of testosterone

Testosterone levels are high during the morning hours. So take your eyes off the clock and take some time off for the act in the morning. Sex drives are also affected by smoking and drinking habits. In addition, obesity and unhealthy habits also score a negative.

Choose supplements wisely

To complement the psychological and physical attempts to have an enjoyable sex, therapists often recommend supplements that boost sexual desire. For example, Vigomax plays a vital role in promoting dietary herbal supplements healthy libido. The  proprietary  herbal  formula  of  Vigomax helps  in  promoting  sexual  desire  and  drive,  thus improves sexual performance. They are non-hormonal veggies capsules which are safe and effective. Vigomax is a synergistic combination of key ingredients like Tribulus extract (Gokshura), Chlorophytum extract (Musali) and Elephant vine extract (Vridhadaru) strengthens the vital force that provide sustainable and healthy energy levels.

So, boost your libido with these tips and supplements that help you enhance your sex drive and ensure longer performance for a happier life.